Frozen’s magic in a Candy Bar

Frozen, that is how children can react when surprised with the sweetness and fantasy of a dreamed edible world. Our pastry team recreated the environment of the Disney movie Frozen.

Birthday set up. | Goyo Catering

Frozen, colours y surprises

At Goyo Catering its not only about reflecting children’s ilusions but about recreating a space that they admire and makes them feel like they are inside their favourite movie to live an experience with their favourite characters.

The blue and white theme transports you directly to a frozen world. Each piece in this Candy Bar was key to construct the fantasy world filled with surprises. The colours helped introducing the film but the forms went even further reproducing the snow flakes and the characters of Elsa and Anna. Even the cupcakes showed moments of the movie.

Details of Candy Bar | Goyo Catering

It is also very exciting for adults to see how something so loved by the children is recreated, the surprise faces, emotion and comments when they appreciate every detail. When children get excited, they are more expressive than adults and they have a special power in spreading that happiness.

Combination of candies and delicacies.

Sweets, cupcakes…

Suming all the sweets, cupcakes, mini cakes and marshmallows with all their textures, the gastronomic experience of a catering creates sensations, generates dreams and recreates a fantasy that feeds the emotion of the young ones, capable of transporting them to a world designed for them.

Set up on mirrows. | Goyo Catering

Set up on mirrows. | Goyo Catering

Snow in the different candy bar elements. | Goyo Catering