August in Costa del Sol with the amazing sunset ready to welcome family and friends for an unforgettable birthday party in Marbella.


Mirrors, linen, gold and crystal. Colours and scents were an important part of this birthday party in Marbella which was the cherry on top on a superb summer day.

Virginia Florista was the official florist of the event with Nani de Pérez capturing the festivities with her camera and these stunning photos of the tables and the food the guests got to enjoy.

Appetisers and Buffet

Foodwise, the birthday party offered a wide variety of hot and cold appetisers. The chef specificities being:
– cup of foie gras with mango and raspberry.
– king prawns on seaweed salad.
– Iberian ham croquettes.

The buffet was divided in different stations and there was a meat barbecue, a fish barbecue as well as marinated spider crabs, different salads, tins of octopus with potatoes …

Dessert table

Our chef, Antonio Fernández, gave the finishing touches to the dessert table. This birthday party in Marbella was very enjoyed by all guests, and particular its host.