Last August, at a private urbanization in Marbella, we designed a party with black velvet table linens around our special buffets.


Black velvet table linens

Velvet is one of the softer fabrics in the market. According to wikipedia, the Egyptians already used them in their official garments. In Europe, Italy started a trend with artistic velvets.

Precisely, black velvet linens were chosen by one of our clients for a very exclusive event that he offered for family and friends at his house in Marbella.

In contrast with the velvet, the pink and garnate flowers gave colour to the centrepieces and the buffet station that were set up for this ocassion and that we will see as follows.

manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-1 manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-2 manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-8 manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-10

Barbecue station

At the bbq station, clients could enjoy, amongst other specialties:

– Lamb Chops from New Zealand.
– Kobe loin.
– XXL Crayfish and Carabineers.
– Fresh Clawed Lobster.
– Turbot and Sea Bass.

manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-11 manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-12 manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-13 manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-14 manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-16

Paella station

Typical spanish plate. Couldn’t be missed in a party where the majority of guests come from other countries. They wanted to taste one of the most representative plates of Spain and we served it.

Here a picture just before cooking:


Foie station

Foie chocolate, Mini Escalope, Foie and Mango with Chocolate Balls Shot. What do you think?

manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-15 manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-17

Salads in transparency station

Seaweed salad, dressed spider crab, imperial russian salad, salmorejo… One of the preferred buffets and that allows to enjoy excelent products with a fresh touch.

manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-7 manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-18 manteles-terciopelo-negro-fiesta-catering-goyocatering-marbella-19

Drinks station


As you may see, the whole party combined black velvet table linens with the floral decoration and gastronomy in contrast and that was a pleasant impression for all the guests.

By the way, our team also personalized their presence at the event:

Flowers: Virginia Florista