As the official catering of the presentation of the new Opel Astra, we designed and elaborated a very special breakfast buffet for events.


During 16 days that the presentation of the new Opel Astra, at an european level, lasted in Guadix (Granada), we served breakfast, lunch and dinner for different groups of directives and employees from all around the world.

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast time is fundamental to face a working day. In events like this one from Opel, long workg days have to be faced by working teams and there is no better way to start than being able to have for breakfast what it is highly enjoyed.

The buffet that we set up offered different types and styles of gastronomy. A wide variety of options for breakfast.

The set up was done under a great tent where all the events took place.


Tables set up in an imperial way, with floral decorations and everything needed to accompany the buffet. Sugar, milk, cutlery, glassware, linen… Everything disposed, every morning, since dawn.


Fruit and drinks

In a healthy breakfast fruit cannot be missed. Pineapple, melon, strawberries were some of the fruits that were offered.


You could also choose from a wide variety of natural juices with different flavours:
– Pineapple.
– Orange.
– Apple.
– Peach.


And for coffee lovers, various machines where you could choose the taste.

Cereals and dairy products

In a breakfast buffet for events, cereals, milk and yogurts are a great nutritional complement.

The cereals station had muesli, corn flakes (with or without chocolate), wheat flakes and oatmeal.

DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-30 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-26

At the dairy products station you could choose from different types of milks and flavours. For example, strawberry yogurt, pineapple, natural (with or without sugar) and greek (0% fat).



Our pastry delights could not be missed at breakfast. A selection of raspberry, pistachio, chocolate, orange, mousse… the sweetest touch of the buffet.

DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-27 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-10 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-11 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-24


For those that prefer a savoury breakfast, different options were set up:
– smoked salmon with egg, cucumber, onion, etc.
– traditional products from Spain such as iberian ham, loin, etc.
– sausages.
– turkey and chicken.

Plus, a station of sausages and grilled pork.

DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-23 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-8


DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-12 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-7 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-4 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-32

Everything accompanied by a wide variety of breads with cereals, olives, and even a typical bread from Malaga “mollete antequerano”. Of course, little bottles of olive oil that cannot be missed at breakfast.


With such a variety of cheese, what best than including the different types that we offer at our breakfast buffet for events:
– manchego.
– brie.
– cheddar.

Grapes, nuts and baked beans are also possible.

DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-22 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-21 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-6 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-5


Fried eggs or omelettes (Spanish, french, scrambled eggs). A great option to make breakfast the most important meal of the day and face the event with energy.

DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-20 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-19 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-15 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-14 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-13 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-18 DesayunoBuffet-OpelAstra-Guadix-Catering-GoyoCatering-33

In the next posts we will share more details of the gastronomic proposal that we offered at the presentation of the new Opel.

photos: Nani de Pérez
Agency: Team Andaluces and Grass Roots