In 2015, we had the honour of being official partner for the European presentation of the new Opel Astra in Guadix. We summarize in 4 points the participation of our catering team for events.


Catering service for events is more than cooking. It is about adapting all the knowledge to a certain environment. In this case the event was for a motor multinational, Opel, and professionals from all around the world assisted to the presentation in Europe of the new Opel Astra.

The circuit in Guadix (Granada, Andalusia) had the privilege of being chosen for the event of this company that had great repercussion and in Goyo Catering we prepared our team to embrace every day of the presentation that took place from the 24th of September to the 9th of October in a private circuit in Granada.

Design of the event

The presentation is fundamental for the assistants’ experience to become unforgettable. Previously to the celebration, our catering team designed a proposal based on the graphic conception of the car presented by Opel.

Sinous forms, moving geometry and different types of crystals accompanied the presentation of all the plates that we served during the day. Plus, the white and black colours stood out in the set up of each buffet or table. The flowers and candles, from our colleague Virginia Florista, gave a fresh and natural touch.

Everything was possible thanks to the work of the team that cared about every detail in order to make it perfect.

catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-15 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-16 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-13 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-14

24 hours kitchen

From dawn to night time, our chef, Antonio Fernandez, worked without rest together with his team to reach the happiness of all the professionals that assisted to the event.

This time we had the collaboration of Kitchening with their industrial kitchens installed nearby where the breakfast, lunch and dinner were served.

catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-1 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-3 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-4 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-18 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-17 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-20

Order and planification

For a catering event of such dimensions there is a need of controlling the time that is spent in each task.

We assigned a specific group that helped maintained everything organized with the aim of fulfilling the planification for each day of the celebration.

Cleaning of glasses, clasification of the cutlery, storage of utensils are some of the tasks that enhanced the work of the rest of the team.

catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-8 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-7 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-6 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-12 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-9 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-19

Personalized service

The service of a catering team must be professional and personalized. Empathize with the client and knowing when to offer what is needed are characteristics that enhance the work of the rest of the team.

For each phase of the event we had working teams that offered, without doubt, the best of themselves during each day of the event.

catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-11 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-10 catering-para-eventos-goyocatering-opel-astra-guadix-2

This has been our summarize with 4 basic points that our catering team developed at the event of the new Opel Astra in Guadix.

We will share in next posts our gastronomic proposal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A unique experience.

photos: Nani de Pérez
agencies: Team Andaluces y Grass Roots