Summer is a great time of year to prepare a celebration in Marbella and invite some friends to enjoy each other’s company.

The linen and white hemp fabric were the highlight of the table setting we put together with our friend and colleague Virginia Florista.

The old looking wooden chairs fitted perfectly in this celebration in Marbella. The environment was perfect and the property where it was held was the ideal place to enjoy a very special summer evening.

Event in Marbella

What did the hosts and theirs guests eat and drink on this event in Marbella?

To start with, they had some appetisers like foie bites, red tuna tataki and creamy potatoes with truffle… and they also had some fresh beer and some other drinks.

To finish off, they had an impressive assortment of desserts with pyramids and petit fours.

Images: Nani de Pérez.