The sweetness and romanticism that pink inspires, makes it one of the favourite colours when it comes to celebrating and decorating a wedding. Measure is important in order to give the touch of colour like in the wedding of Virginia and Gervasio celebrated in Marbella.

Wedding in Marbella. | Goyo Catering

Table set ups

That is why, white was used as a base over which the table set up could be detailed, leaving pink for the innovating glassware, serviettes and table centre pieces. The final result was an elegant and charming atmosphere with a delicate beauty.

Table set up in pink tones. | Goyo Catering

Table set up in pink tones. | Goyo Catering

At the capitoné bar, again pink was used as a sparkle of pink colour giving as a result a feminine combination but suitable for men’s taste too. The natural environment of this finca in Marbella allowed to create an atmosphere that flowed with harmony.

Capitone bar. | Goyo Catering

Desserts’ Buffet & Cake

The cake was also personalized using the same colours as the theme and was surrounded by a buffet of desserts in the same colour scheme with a wide variety of pastry and fruits. In addition to the cake, an original and creative tree from where flowers and charms were hanged attracted the guests using pink and white.

Surprise tree at the desserts’ buffet. | Goyo Catering

Desserts Buffet. | Goyo Catering

Desserts Buffet.. | Goyo Catering

Wedding cake. | Goyo Catering

As always, further than the set up, decoration and gastronomy, another fundamental part that make events develop along the client’s preferences and thinking of the guests, is the service. Indispensable in order to enjoy the event, taste and contemplate a unique and elegant environment.

Goyo Catering’s team.

Wedding at Marbella. | Goyo Catering