As we have Kosher certificate, we elaborate at our installations in Marbella (Malaga) a great variety of sweet and savoury dishes for the Jewish community.

Some months ago, we shares a wedding from the Jewish community in Marbella that was celebrated at the Hotel Villa Padierna, very near Marbella. Everyone in our team worked under the proper conditions for this type of event. Gastronomy and service were adapted to Kosher rules.

Gastronomy at a Kosher wedding is prepared in a special way. So we did in order to prepare each pastry of our buffet of Kosher desserts. Pieces with which we tried to satisfy our clients, passing on our passion for pastry.


We share some of the Kosher desserts that we elaborated in Marbella and that are at your disposition, available even in a personalized order filling our contact form.

Sephardi desserts

Pistachio edge


Egyptian dates


Almond, pine nut and orange star


Dairy desserts

Pistachio eclair


Yogurt, strawberry and red fruits transparency


Passion fruit creme brule


Nougat and orange sphere


Non-dairy desserts

Chocolate and raspberry brownie


Mango maki sushi


Mini yolk cake and dried fruits


Pistachio and raspberry macaroon tartlet


These are some of our Kosher desserts that we elaborate in Marbella. We have a dossier with a great variety from which to choose to enjoy with family and friends.

Desserts are one of our passions. It’s time to enjoy!