Images and presentation of the lunch buffet for events that we prepared for the presentation of the new Opel in Guadix.


Lunch buffet

In the last post we shared on what consisted the breakfast buffet for the same event of Opel, now we share images of the set up and the plates that the professionals enjoyed at the different buffet stations we prepared.

The universe was the central motif around which everything was elaborated. ‘Mission Astra’, in allusion to the car, was the title of the event. So, from our part, all the plates had some type of reference to galaxy elements.

Salads station

SAGITTA: pumpkin salad (vegan).
Pumpkin textures with orange tree flower, broccoli, green asparagus, turnip, beetroot, carrot, crusty bread and black olive dust.


CASSIOPEIA: ‘salmorejo’ salad (vegan).
‘Salmorejo’ with sakura, garlic, basil flower sorbet and smoked mozzarella foam.

comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-9 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-12

CRÁTER: meat salad.
Marinated meat salad with ponzu and mirin over lettuce, fresh vegetables noodles, yakisoba noodles and orange vinagrette.


ANDROMEDA: crab salad.
Mediterranean crab with green apple, guacamole, asparagus, cabbage, herring caviar and fennel gel.


Burguer station

ZODIAC McGOYO: mini duck burguer, Pekin style, with hoisin sauce, sweet onion and cucumber.

comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-5 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-4

To accompany the burguers, that are a good complement for a lunch buffet, a station specially dedicated for the best companions of a burguer: french fries! And, of course, ketchup and mustard elaborated by our team.

comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-8 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-7 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-6

Desserts station


Tropical fruit, mini apple pancakes, mini chocolates, mango and caramel mousse, passion fruit, crème brulée, chocolate lollipops…

comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-18 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-19 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-20 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-17 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-21 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-15 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-16 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-3 comidabuffet-opel-guadix-catering-goyocatering-2

This was the lunch buffet we prepared for the Opel event. We will continue sharing some of the surprises we desdigned for this event we celebrated in 2015.