When planning an event it is normal to have some doubts. Like for example, what should the service be like. Is a served event better or why not choose a show cooking buffet? Both options have things in common and differences that make them interesting depending on the event to celebrate.

Served Event

The seated event, where the gastronomy is brought directly to the guests by the catering team is a more formal option. This way, all the guests enjoy the menu at the same time and an appropriate timing is established between each course.

Main course at a wedding in Mijas. | Goyo Catering

Show Cooking

On the other hand, with a Show Cooking a visual show is offered by the different chefs creating plates and the possibility of choosing what to eat is greater. There are different stations to choose from, Foie station, Japanese, BBQ…The guest chooses and at the same time appreciates the art of cooking and the gastronomy.

Salads station in glass. | Goyo Catering

Rice and Risotto Show Cooking. | Goyo Catering

A buffet creates therefore more movement and freedom. Each one chooses quantities, flavours and waiting times. This makes the event more informal but creative.

Sauces at the BBQ station. | Goyo Catering

Wok Station. | Goyo Catering

A combination with great results is to have the lunch or dinner served and then surprising with an spectacular dessert buffet, Goyo Catering’s specialty.

Dessert’s buffet at a wedding. | Goyo Catering

Desserts at a buffet. | Goyo Catering

Both, the served event and the Showcooking buffet have in common the dedication of Goyo Catering team which serves drinks at the table in both cases. The flavour of the ingredients and the presentation of the dishes is equally appreciated in both events. Above all, quality is the base of every option, together with movement, freedom, show, organisation, and timing.

And you, which Catering service option would you choose?