There are plenty of duties that the bride and groom don’t see. We know they value this but we want to share images of the previous hours and days in which our team works hard to make dreams come true.


The table set up usually needs a team of persons that puts everything in its place.

It is not an easy task sometimes. It depends on the location (garden, interior, etc) and the time of the year. If it is in open air, the climate is fundamental. Wind or rain may cause trouble so all the variables have to be taken care of.

Tables, chairs, linens, cutlery, glassware… everything set up with florists, illumination, design, etc.


Our cooking team with our chef Antonio Fernandez begins to work months earlier to the event. The first step is tasting the menu in order to prepare stations, served plates and desserts.

The previous hours and days are a symphony of tastes, colours and team work.

​Images: Nani de Pérez