Under the design of SiQuiero! Wedding Planners, Elena and Carlos celebrated their wedding in Malaga with white and gold tones.



The banquet of Elena and Carlos’ wedding was celebrated in Malaga city. With a set up with round tables, white and gold were the chosen colours.

The white table linen was an excelent contrast over the soil colour of the ground and together with the floral decoration in pink that predominated in the centrepieces and other corners of the event.


Chiavari chairs in gold tones, combined with the candles and cutlery that were placed as part of the set up. Porcelain white plates but in a different tone to the linen. And as centrepiece, a delicate floral design in white and pink that gave elegance and freshness to the moment.

blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-3 blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-4 blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-5 blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-6 blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-7 blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-8 blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-9 blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-10 blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-11

Seating plan

With matching flowers, just like the ones the guests founded at the banquet, the seating plan for this wedding in Malaga was specially elegant. With a classic touch, over a stone vase, surrounded by flowers, a great variety of cards sprout to indicate the guests their places.

blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-13 blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-14 blanco-dorado-bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-15

In another post we share the appetizer at Elena and Carlos’ wedding in Malaga and we show some of the surprises we prepared for the occassion.

Wedding Planner: Si! Quiero
Fotografías: JJ. Palacios