To welcome guests we propose different textures and flavours. The key of this wedding in Malaga was our buffet of desserts.

We would like to share Elena and Carlos’ election for their celebration at the capital city of the Costa del Sol.

Cocktail Bar

Around 2 o’clock the guests enjoyed the beautiful gardens and spaces at Jardin Botanico de la Concepcion. Under dense trees and over wooden tables, the set up of our Cocktail bar awaited for friends and family.

From a gin tonic to a refreshing mojito could be enjoyed.

bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-1 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-2 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-3

For the reception of guests Moet Chandon was chosen:



Cold and hot appetizers, together with our foie station, amused guests while they waited to be seated to enjoy the chosen menu.

Amongst the cold appetizers, spanish tortilla with caramelized onion and courgette, wasabi macarrons and scarlet shrimp ceviche.

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And to accompany the foie station, a wide variety of hot appetizers like:

-Mini cornets with Malaga style fried fish.
-Cod fritter.
-Crunchy shrimp.
-Horchata croquettes.
-Crispy dogfish.

bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-9 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-10 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-11 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-12

For lovers of typical Spanish products, we prepared a station with ham, chorizo, salchichon… Everything accompanyied by delicious olives that not only gave taste but colour and authenticity.

bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-13 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-14 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-15


Under the design of SiQuiero! Wedding Planners, the set up of the desserts’ buffet was really spectacular. Gold tones were used as the background curtain with a great variety of sweet desserts, perfectly made by our bakery team.

bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-18 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-19

Semicold ice creams, fruit tart, personalized cupcakes, chocolate lollypops, chocolate strawberries, caramelized mille feuilles, nougat spheres… Endless choices to enjoy the final gastronomic part of the wedding.

bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-22 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-25 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-26 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-32 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-35 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-31 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-34 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-33 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-27 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-30 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-24 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-23 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-29 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-20 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-36 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-28 bodaenmalaga-catering-goyocatering-21

The cake, with a golden touch, was the final gastronomic piece, giving space to the dance.


Wedding Planner: Si!Quiero

Images: JJ. Palacios