Last month of September, Caprichia Weddings + Events contacted us to serve a Kosher wedding for Emily and David in Marbella.

Table design

The design and table set up was placed under an amazing marquee, decorated with garlands.


The wedding had a vintage style with golden cutlery and glassware, crystal plates, sack table linens and delicate centre pieces with flowers over vintage table runners.

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The kosher appetizers we served at Emily and David’s wedding consisted of:
-Cauliflour Panacotta with Coconut Milk, Tomatoe Chutney and Brocoli.
-Mushroom filled Ravioli with Dried Tomatoe and Basil.
-Tinned Vinegar Boquerones with Parsley Oil.
-Mini Spring Rolls with Hoisin Sauce.
-Truffled Potatoe cream with Germinated & Olive Oil Caviar.
-Tempurized Cod with Saffron and Green Mojo.
-Truffle and Boletus Risotto.

boda-kosher-enmarbella-caprichia-catering-goyocatering-1 boda-kosher-enmarbella-caprichia-catering-goyocatering-2 boda-kosher-enmarbella-caprichia-catering-goyocatering-6 boda-kosher-enmarbella-caprichia-catering-goyocatering-7 boda-kosher-enmarbella-caprichia-catering-goyocatering-10


The desserts were ajusted to each of the requirements of a kosher wedding. The guests enjoyed different pieces of pastry exclusively made for the occasion.

The design of the table of desserts, like the rest of the wedding, was done by our colleague Lucia, from Caprichia. The result was, once more, spectacular. Crystals, wood, a delicate floral decoration, were the best frame for the final part of this wedding celebrated in Marbella.


The wedding guests tasted together with the bride and groom a great variety of pastry and salted pieces at the buffet of desserts:
-Semicold Mango Ice Creams.
-Tropical Fruit Cascade.
-Sushi Raspberry and Mango Maki.
-Orange confit disks with Kosher Dark Chocolate.
-Chocolate brownie with Raspberry Pipettes.
-Kosher Dark Chocolate with Strawberries.
-Dark Chocolate, Praline and Almond Crunchy Lollipops.
-A selection of Kosher cupcakes.
– Etc.

And something very special, that is usually present in Jewish Shabat and celebrations: Challah. A type of bread that we prepared following the rabbi’s indications.

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Wedding Planner: Caprichia.
Florist: L&N Floristas.
Images: Jeremy Standley.