When we design an event, we offer a wide variety of food stations for weddings. In the case of Vanesa and Pedro, they chose 7 different stations.

Food stations

Not only your taste buds will enjoy them but you will also enjoy in good company. A brief but intense gastronomic tour around the stations we prepared for this occasion.

For Vanesa and Pedro’s wedding organised by our coleague and Wedding Planner Pilar, from Pilar Martínez Eventos, we prepared and served the following food stations:
– Seafood.
– Salads.
– Foie gras.
– Sardines in skewers.
– Risotto.
– Pork shoulder.
– Iberian cold meats and Manchego Cheese.

A festival of smells and flavours that guests appreciated and enjoyed in Villa Cisne (Estepona, Malaga).

Dessert station

Different, sweet and buffet style. The dessert station is an additional food station in any wedding. With chocolate bullions, tropical fruits, semifreddo ice creams… Desserts are our speciality.

Photography: Honey Moon Studio
Flowers: Virginia Florista
Lettering: Escritas a mano