At Elvira and Juan’s wedding different plates and buffet stations were enjoyed. However, the Mason Jars station was the most popular among the guests.


History of the Mason Jars

In November 1858, a tinsmith, John Landis Mason, managed to register the patent of the first glass jar with a screw-on lid. Years later, in Buffalo, the Ball brothers introduced them into series production, something innovative for the time and that helped to preserve food in reusable and hermetic jars.

Mason Jars are an excelllent choice for juice, cupcakes, and any other food, like for example Vieiras, as we show further down. Nowadays, with the rise of Vintage style at weddings, Mason Jars are very attractive and elegant for presentig any type of plates that are served during the event.

Mason Jars station

Elvira and Juan’s wedding was celebrated near Marbella, in Malaga province, in late October. For the appetizers, cold and hot appetizers were chosen. But they also decided to offer family and friends a small gastronomic tour with some of our stations. Tin can station, barbecue skewers, ‘Ibericos’…

And the Mason Jars stations. The jars contained an exquisite delicacy. Vieiras Confit over Sweet Potatoe Cream and Siricha, Hiziki Algae and Carabineer Essence.

The jars were combined, on a wooden vintage style table, with delicious Duck Ham Niguiris with Quail Egg and White Truffle Oil./span>

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Mason Jars, as we commented at the beginning of this post, were an absolut success among the guests, as part of the decoration and as a gastronomic detail.

Images: Nani de Pérez.