Molino del Duque, an amazing country estate at Manilva, where Goyo Catering has the exclusive, was the place chosen last summer for a wedding. The entire team of Catering concentrated their effort in personalizing gastronomy and service. Nature is the protagonist in this elegant environment surrounded by what was traditionally a mill.

Montaje en color malva. | Foto: Nani de Pérez.

Once more, oriental theme had gained admirers and Sushi became essential for the appetizers together with other stations (barbecue, ham, risotto…). A symphony of flavours was the cover letter for a unique and characteristic wedding.

Sushi Station. | Goyo Catering

Estación de Sushi. | Goyo Catering

Estación de Jamón. | Goyo Catering

Estación de Jamón. | Goyo Catering

As we mentioned before, it was important that the service team summed up and fused with the environment to culminate the atmosphere of this wedding. This is why our girls transformed into authentic oriental characters.

Equipo de Goyo Catering.

The glassware matched the table linen in mauve. The mixture between classic and more actual was maintained. Once more, it became a distinctive touch of this event.

Cristalería en color malva. | Goyo Catering

Molino del Duque. | Goyo Catering

The aim was to make a wedding personalized in every detail that would make differences and that these showed an enormous gastronomic variety, that could well meet the most vanguard tastes or the more traditional flavours.

Gazpacho. | Goyo Catering

Bebida para los aperitivos. | Goyo Catering

In another posts we reveal all the details of the exceptional desserts buffet we presented that night.

Buffet de postres junto a la piscina. | Goyo Catering

Wedding Planner: Sira Antequera. Photo: Nani de Pérez