Spain is a country with multiple flavours and traditional products. As an option for your wedding, we have designed a buffet with typical Spanish desserts that will surely meet everyone’s expectations.

Typical Spanish desserts


All around Spain we find different gastronomic traditions as for sweet and savoury. Each town and city gives a different touch to the same product so characteristic scents and flavours impose quality distinction to Spanish gastronomy.

Our bakery team has summarized some of the typical Spanish desserts in a desserts table that any of our clients may choose for their wedding day.

What can you taste in this original desserts buffet?


postres-españoles-tipicos-turron-goyo-catering​Along the year you can find different types of nougat in our boutiques in Marbella and Puerto Banus. It is a completely handmade product, elaborated at our installations in Marbella. For this ocassion hard nougat and from jijona were presented in the desserts buffet. But we have more varieties at disposal to choose for the wedding day.


postres-españoles-tipicos-pestiños-goyo-catering​Pestiño is a sweet well known in Andalusia. In the 16th Century it was already present and it is made out of flour, honey and olive oil. Its appearence and texture surely reminds us of some products from North Africa.



Related to pestiños, it is typical in Cordoba (Andalusia). Unlike pestiños, it incorporates wine or schnapp, clove and anise. And it is filled with ‘cabello de ángel’ (pumpkin strands in syrup).



Easter or Holy Week is near and this is maybe one of the typical Spanish desserts that can be seen the most during Lent and Holy Week. It is made out of bread soaked in milk or wine with honey. They can be scented with many ingredients.

It is a dessert that would make you and the guests at the celebration remember a specific moment of the year.

Fried milk

postres-españoles-tipicos-lechefrita-goyo-catering​Fried milk is a typical Spanish dessert from the northern regions. It may be served with sugar and cinnamon. Basically it is cooked flour with sugar and milk, that is fried, therefore its name.


postres-españoles-tipicos-rosquillas-goyo-catering​Who hasn’t tried bagels? They exist since the Romans and are one of the most typical Spanish desserts that can be found easily in any part of the country.

In our desserts buffet we presented them with borrachuelos, inside a antique dish, contrasting textures and colours.

Custard and rice puddings

postres-españoles-tipicos-arrozconleche-goyo-catering​Milk, egg yolk, sugar and vanilla or lemon scent, for example. These are the principal ingredients for custards, one of the typical Spanish desserts extended throughout the country.

Served in a crystal container, our team serve each guest that approaches the buffet and wants to try them.

Rice pudding is found in the gastronomy of many countries in the world. In Spain it is a popular dessert. It is made out of rice slowly boiled in milk and sugar.

Chocolate with churros

postres-españoles-tipicos-churros-goyo-catering​If we make a list with typical Spanish desserts, this one cannot be missed: chocolate with churros.

Its procedure is very simple and has a popular character. Apart from Spain, they may be found in countries like United States, Portugal or Mexico.

In this special desserts buffet, our team serves them in a crystal recipient that allows to easily mix the chocolate with churros and taste thus one of the easiest recipes but delicious of worldwide gastronomy.

There are 9 typical Spanish desserts that can be tasted and enjoyed in this desserts buffet. But, if you had to choose one, which one would it be? It is surely a complicated decision…