Last May, we participated in a wedding that combined elegance and rustic details at a private urbanisation in Benahavis (Malaga).

The ceremony

Already at the ceremony the design of the set up that we prepared and that the guests would later enjoy could be sensed.

Celebrated in open air, the rustic elements such as trunks and wild flowers overwhelmed the space, giving place to a very natural wedding.

boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-1 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-2 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-3

The table design

At the set up of an event there are different details to focus on:

– Crockery.
– Glassware.
Table linen..
– Cutlery.
– Decoration.

For the celebration of this wedding in Benahavis, the bride and groom chose a rustic and elegant style for each of the spaces.

boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-7 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-8

In the garden, the set up alternated wooden tables with others dressed with golden beig linen, thus outstanding the environment where the whole celebration took place with guests and family.

The bride and groom tasted each of the plates from the chosen menu on a small platform that combined carpet and wood. Special light for this corner and same floral decoration as the rest of the wedding, based on totally natural and campestral elements.

boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-23 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-24

Some of the details of the design and table set up where:

– golden glassware vintage style.
– golden cutlery.
– beige serviettes.
– beige rafia table runners.
– golden beige table linen.
– crystal plates.
– aged wood tables and chairs.
– golden chiavari chairs.

boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-4 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-5 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-6 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-9 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-14 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-15 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-16 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-17 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-18 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-19 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-20 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-40

Welcome drink

For the reception of guests at the ceremony, bride and groom chose to offer a very special welcome drink: pink coloured limonade and orange and apple juices in our crystal flasks.

boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-10 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-12 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-13 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-11

The appetizers

We served cold and hot appetizers appetizers previous to the menu elaborated around our service of Show Cooking.

Some of the delicatessen that could be tasted were: hummus shots, wasabi macarons or salmon flower canapes.

boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-21 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-22 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-25 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-26

Menu at the table

After seating, our team served the guests in each table different plates in a tasting mode.

Gazpacho trio, selection of Japanese food, tinned boquerones or salmon carpaccio, different salads… A wide variety that was used to welcome the Show Cooking offered after.

boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-27 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-28 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-29 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-30

Show Cooking

Our gastronomic offer, specially chosen by the bride and groom of this wedding in Benahavis (Malaga), ended with a show cooking menu structured in two fases:

1) Paella station with vegetables and Barbecue Station.
2) Buffet of desserts.

At the barbecue station we cooked in presence of all the guests, and under their demand, lamb chops, mini beef hamburguers, sea bass supreme, marinated salmon, beef tenderloin… No doubt, a great variety at the guests’ disposition.

boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-31 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-32 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-33 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-34 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-35 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-36 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-37 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-38 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-39 boda-detallesrusticos-catering-goyocatering-benahavis-42

The party continued all night long, with the traditional dance and the open bar where the guests enjoyed the marvelous temperature of May at the Costa del Sol (Malaga).


Event planner: Justsaying Events.
Images: Nani de Pérez.